Dimitris Zahos

Vouta (2020)

Type: Short Film

Synopsis: Vouta is a pigeon breed that flies all the way up to the clouds, then dives at 230 km/h and slows down just before reaching the ground. Christos is a teenager who lives in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Athens. He has to find a way to avoid conflict with his father who just got home from prison, just like the pigeons he loves avoid collision.

Year: 2020

Production: Long Shot Films, ERT

directed by Dimitris Zahos

Script: Yorgos Teltzidis
DoP: Mihalis Gkatzogias
Editor: Ioanna Spiliopoulou
Set, Costumes: Danae Elefsinioti,
Production Manager: Aris Kotronis Vettas

Location Sound & Sound Design:  Christos Sakellariou
MUA: Sissi Petropoulou
Music: Nikos Veliotis

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