Dimitris Zahos

Penguins (2012)

Type: Short Film

Synopsis: A father close to retirement with his two sons, try to adjust and manage their daily lives, within a dire economic situation. Everyone reacts in their own way . They collide with each other and each one with himself trying to keep the consistency of their family and be able to cope.

Year: 2012

Production: Real Eyes Productions

With: Thanasis Nakos, Giannis Karamfilis, Kimon Kouris, Stathis Mavropoulos, Lily Lampoudi, Kyriaki Doudi

Writer, Director: Dimitris Zahos
based on a short story by Christos Economou

DoP: Konstantinos Koukoulios
Editor: Smaro Papaevangelou
Production Design: Danae Elefsinioti
Set, Costumes: Danae Elefsinioti, Marianthi Vezertzi
Production Manager: Giannis Sotiropoulos

Location Sound: Orestis Patsinakidis, Natali Hatzipetrou
Sound Design: Thanasis Kafetzis, Natali Hatzipetrou
MUA: Chrysa Liapi
Music:Babis Papadopoulos
Still Photographer: Vangelis Neofotistos

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